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What's New!
If you run a sweepstakes promotion site or your site has a strong focus on giveaways, you need to pay the Guaranteed Listing Charge. However, none of the Bonuses apply, except that you'll be listed within 48 hours instead of 24.
✅ We have a new field that is required to be filled out. It's called Primary Country. This indicates which country the contest originates from..
✅ We've created an Instagram account and we'll now be posting to Instagram! Instagram is more restrictive on image size and if it doesn't fit their requirements, I cannot post your submission. So, our paid promotions do not guarantee Instagram posting. If you want your giveaway to show up on Instagram, make sure you upload an image that meets their requirements. If it meets their requirements, it will show up on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, if it doesn't meet their requirements, your listing will show up on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest only.
✅ We've partnered with If you list a Fashion related listing, you can have your PAID ($19.95+) promotion listing shared at no extra cost with their social media followers. Currently they have 1600 FB followers, over 500 Pinterest followers, over 900 Twitter followers, and over 7,200 Instagram followers! Note that has ultimate decision as to whether they will include the sweepstake.
Proudly Accepting Submissions Worldwide
Submit your sweepstakes to the Win A Sweepstakes directory. New submissions are reviewed daily and typically get published within 24 hours. We've referred hundreds of thousands of entries and counting!
RULES For Submission
✅ Giveaway must be free to enter.
✅ Prize value must be $25.00 or more to be listed on our website. For prizes less than $25, we will post it on Twitter only.
✅ All submissions may be edited at our discretion without notice, including affiliate links.
❌ No duplicate submissions.
Prize Title *
Title formatting guidelines:
✅ Length between 3 - 15 words.
First word must be "Win" e.g. "Win a $100 Visa gift card"
Avoid using any of these words: Sweepstakes, Giveaway, Contest.
❌ Refrain from using ALL CAPS.

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 Increase Your Traffic Up To 15x!
Promoted sweepstakes average 15x more entries than non-promoted ones. That's because they remain at the top of the search results, gets included + gets listed first in our newsletter (9,200+ subscribers), and gets featured on our highly engaged Facebook (6,200+ likes), Twitter (3,600+ followers), & Pinterest (2,100 followers) pages. We'll make sure your giveaway gets exposed to our entire audience!
Check out our new pricing! We've increased the social media postings significantly and now include Pinterest in all your social media paid promotions!
~ For $5.00, we guarantee your giveaway will be published within 24 hours, and 48 hours for contest promotion sites or sites that have a strong giveaway focus. We get tons of submissions daily and aren't able to publish them all. This ensures your giveaway will be given top priority.
Bonuses for checking off Guaranteed Listing!:
  • If your listing is outside of the US, we'll double your Featured Listing time (if you bought it) on our website because most of our followers are from the US and we want to equalize your benefit. This does NOT apply to Worldwide listings or listings where you include the US in addition to another country.
  • For US listings, we guarantee at least one extra social media posting from the following: Twitter, FB, Pinterest. It's at the discretion of WinASweepstakes.
Grand Total: $0.00

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