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Note: Please visit our social media accounts for the latest contests. The website is being re-developed.

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What's New!
WinASweepstakes Website is closing down indefinitely.

However, I am maintaining my social media accounts. So, if you wish to send a contest, submit your url to my FB page only if it is $25 or more. For other contests, send it to my twitter account.

I will be re-developing the website and until that is done, I will post your contests for free on social media.

Thanks again,

p.s. I will be prioritizing crypto contests and online gaming, and then gift cards and cash, and finally everything else.

p.p.s. Just a note to publishers, you should be aware that there is someone who dominates this area and just resells his template sweepstakes site with tons of visitors and social media followers. Be careful paying sites for their promotion. You can't really tell if they have real visitors and followers. I'm sure you guys know as website owners, they can be bought easily and cheaply to make the website look like it has tons of traffic. Reviews can be bought and you just have to be careful out there. I learned the hard way. Luckily for me, I was able to afford it. Regardless, I learned a lot from this site and the contests niche. I plan to improve upon my site and re-start it within a few months.
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