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Win (1) SolarXtreme LED Grow Light

Submitted: Feb 1, 2015 - Hosted by Growers Network
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PRIZE DESCRIPTION The SolarXtreme 500 is an easy to use full spectrum LED grow light designed especially for grow tents and smaller scale home growing. The SolarXtreme series uses a revolutionary new generation of COB (chip on board) as well as new direct AC drive technology which eliminates the need for LED drivers. This offers high-efficiency LEDs at a much lower cost than traditional LEDs. This fixture puts out a full spectrum suitable for all phases of growth without the need for adjusting. Power Draw: 400w Max Current: 2.67A @120v Coverage Area: 4' x 4' Heat Output: 1280 BTU Dimensions: 18" x 8.5" x 4" Weight: 11 lbs Thermal Management: Active

Value:  $400.00
Categories:   United States, Single Entry, Gleam

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